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Scrap EPS foam is costing companies millions of dollars in waste management fees each year. It’s a burden on the ecosystem -landfills, transportation, fuel costs and man hours. The solution is Foam Recycling.

Waste foam is now a profit center–it makes money for you! Often considered damaging to the environment, Expanded Polystyrene is 90% recyclable and is used to make many everyday plastic products; eye glass frames, picture frames, wall and door trim, car parts, surfboards and so much more.


Depending on the quantity of your foam waste we have many solutions for you; Densifers or Grinders. Our Badger Recyclers are build solid and designed to be your workhorse–making money and helping the environment.


We have sold our Badgers Foam Recyclers to: the fast food industry, Silicone Valley's top tech companies, Hollywood's SFX companies, local city trash municipalities, the medical industry–and many other specificity industries and companies. 

Badger™ Densifiers, Grinders and Compactors,  are today’s best solutions for foam waste management.


Recycling polystyrene, polypropylene and polyethylene is not only the responsible thing to do, it can also be profitable. Demand Products will connect you with companies that will buy processed material and pick it up from your location. That means no more shipping costs to haul off foam waste, and no more foam scrap heading to a landfill. A win-win for everyone considered.

EPS foam can be reduced as much as 98% from its original volume. Manufacturers will utilize the recycled material to produce a variety of end products such as picture frames, sun glasses, computer housings, tennis shoes and more. Call today for more information.

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