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Demand Products has been the exclusive North American distributor for Megaplot since 1999. During that time we’ve been impressed many times over by Megaplot’s consistent commitment to delivering only the highest quality products.  Megaplot is continually evolving to stay current with technology.  Whether it’s implementing a better cable or updating new controller software, the technicians at Megaplot are always looking for new ways to enhance and improve the capabilities of the machines.
When it comes to support services, we couldn’t be more pleased.  Megaplot provides FREE lifetime upgrades on all of their software.  Every machine installed by Demand Products has a 5 year hardware warranty.  They have always stood by the warranty, even going beyond expectations to cover some parts when it wasn’t 100% clear it was their responsibility.  That kind of support is second to none.
Aligning with a partner that delivers on its promises and values market reputation so highly has been wonderful.  We look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come

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