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“First off I want to say Blake and Griffin have been great. Dealing with you guys has been a pleasure. I have now been able to work with the machine and it has been fabulous. It operates so smoothly and is so quiet compared to what I am use to. It is nice that Foamshaper and iXshaper are so similar, making the transition flawless. I am still getting the hang of using the independent axis but that will come with practice. Overall I love the machine and working with Demand Products.”

-Chad Epp 

Mosaic Industries – Lethbridge, Alberta Canada


When I purchased this company they had a 2003 Croma industrial cutter which is a very large work horse type of cutter. My guys naturally were accustomed to it and liked it. But the MegaPlot Twister is much quieter than the Croma and smaller too. But it is large enough for the work we do here. We really like the product and were very glad we did not have to wait 6 - 12 weeks for it to arrive either. When we catch up, from our backlog of work, we will begin experimenting with the lathe and shaper wire features. Oh, and my guys have learned to appreciate the auto wire tensioning system the Twister provides. We are very pleased so far and look forward to many years of service from this machine.

-Bill Bynem / Owner-President

 Foam Wizard – Ft Myers, FL


“Demand Products answered the call to supply us with a CNC MegaPlot Twister Pro hot wire machine – this state of the art machine enhanced our manufacturing capabilities and gave us a competitive advantage in the stucco/foam insulation industry

-Juan C Madrid / President

  Genesis/MFC - Huston, TX


 "Time is a key factor when working with in film business. Deadlines are everything–especially as a top sculptor; making props, building facades, creatures and all kinds of SFX for Hollywood movies.


Investing in a Twister Pro has increased my sculpting department’s by efficiency level by 30% because now my sculptors can concentrate on the artwork instead of spending time cutting blocks."

-Travis Craven / Sculptor

  TC Sculpt - Vernon, CA

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